Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pollard WTF

Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard criticized Israel's plans to trade prisoners for Gilad Shalit, suggesting instead that Israel execute one prisoner every day until Shalit is freed. His comments were carried by both Haaretz and JPost.

And really, on the issue of executing people who break national and international laws, who better than Jonathan Pollard to set an example? Yet while Pollard asks that those who violate Israeli security be killed, he should be freed. Clearly there's a difference between the national security damage done by terrorists and the damage done by Pollard, but he is hardly a moral authority on the rule of law.

All this is besides the point. Gilad Shalit was a drafted IDF soldier operating inside of Israel. He was attacked in a non-combat situation and dragged across the border into Gaza where he has been held for years without proper access to the basic human rights to which he is entitled. Jonathan Pollard committed espionage against the United States and has been treated completely within the boundaries of humanitarian standards and the American justice system. To even begin to equate himself to Shalit is ridiculous.

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