Thursday, January 14, 2010


The relief efforts in Haiti are just starting to get underway, but the situation there will require a sustained effort. Click here for a list of aid organizations that are assisting with relief efforts.

And for those of you in DC, I'm joining the hosting committee for a fundraiser being held next Tuesday the 19th at Recess bar at (275 15th St) at 5pm. The bar is giving proceeds from drink sales to Haiti relief efforts and hosting speakers who are involved with relief efforts. Come on down, it's a good opportunity to make your normal DC-happy hour networking a little more valuable. Here's a link to the Facebook invitation, for any of you social network-saavy kids.

I'm sure you're wondering what this all has to do with the Middle East.

The earthquake's effects are universally seen with horror and disbelief. Yet wars in the Middle East and elsewhere often have comparable effects and they are carried out deliberately by humans against humans. A war is essentially a Haiti - on purpose. Think about what that means.

My work in security requires an understanding that war and armed conflict are complex. But looking at the destruction in Haiti side-by-side with destruction in the Middle East really drives home just how ridiculous war really is. I hope the kind of outpouring of compassion and humanity the world is showing towards Haiti will be the same compassion it shows to victims of war and violence whose numbers are all-too-high in today's world.

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