Sunday, January 17, 2010

Palestinians on Human Rights

Palestinian human rights groups are urging Hamas and the PA to probe their actions in Operation Cast Lead. While the chances of this happening are extremely slim, the move says a lot about internal Palestinian dynamics.

1) It dispels the notion that there is a lockdown on information in the territories. The rights groups understand that the picture is far more complex than "Zionist infidels versus Palestinian freedom fighters."

2) It dispels the notion that dissent isn't present in the territories. The call for a probe is de facto and highly public criticism of both Hamas and the PA.

3) It dispels the notion that Palestinians uniformly support terrorism. One of the specific abuses named in the report is attacks on civilians in Israel.

It will be interesting to watch the reactions of both Hamas and the PA to the report. While any actual probe is highly unlikely, this kind of non-violent dissent has the potential to play an extremely positive role in the future of the Palestinian nation.

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