Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Click This Link. Now.

In lieu of reading my post today, please go read Bradley Buston's editorial for Haaretz here:

And read this part twice:

A solution "will require a conscious decision to get past the idea that Israel must lose if Palestine is to win, and vice versa. It will require a willingness to consider a more nuanced, much less digestible reality. One in which your side is no longer obviously, indisputably, unfailingly in the moral right, and the other cast as the perp, the unredeemable murderer, the plague of both houses - in short, the problem.

If this is to work, it will require an excruciating decision: letting go of one's self-definition as either pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian. It will require a conscious effort to become pro-Mideast."

Go ahead, I'll wait.

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