Thursday, March 11, 2010

Double Standard Watch

The attempted swiftboating of peace negotiations by MK Eli Yishai is an act which distances Israel from its single most important strategic ally. Whether on Iran, Syria, or Palestinian peace negotiations, Israel ought to do all it can to secure the support of the United States. Our values are closely aligned and our strategic outlook for the Middle East is largely similar.

Pro-Israel activists like Alan Dershowitz write blog posts about double standards. Professor Dershowitz, as was well documented on this blog, held nothing back at calling South African Jewish Judge Richard Goldstone a traitor to Israel for publishing a report criticizing Israel using shoddy, partial methodology.

So you'd think publicly humiliating the Vice President of the United States, stepping out of the policy lines of your Prime Minister, distancing the entire country from its most important ally, and attempting to undermine peace negotiations on behalf of Israel would meet the same standard.

I'll expect Dersh to write that blog post as soon as bacon is served at the Kotel.

Hypothetical: What would Israel's response be if the U.S. removed sanctions on Iran while PM Netanyahu was in Washington?

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