Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grow Up Isi Liebler

Radical conservative Isi Liebler slanders ex-U.S. ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk in a frothing and shameless invective which questions Mr. Indyk's commitment to the state of Israel. Mr. Indyk's editorial from the April 19th edition of the International Herald Tribune is generally an even-handed analysis of the current U.S.-Israel tension, and places fair blame on both sides for the problem. I don't agree with all of Indyk's claims, but the article is only unusual in that it is more even-headed than most discourse on the Middle East.

Unfortunately, the only discourse Isi Liebler seems to think is pro-Israel is ridiculous trash talking so incendiary it makes Rush Limbaugh look like a centrist. Running alongside a piece by Alan Dershowitz so slanderous that to post the link to it would be shameful on my part, Mr. Liebler accuses Indyk of "deliberately distorting reality" and calls his remarks about peace being a U.S. strategic interest "chilling."

That a mainstream American politician and intellectual is called anti-Israel for criticizing the Netanyahu government's role in U.S.-Israel tensions is beyond unacceptable. Liebler's bigoted and polarizing language cannot possibly be intended to bridge the gap which has emerged between the U.S. and Israel. He is using his platform not to advance Israel's security, but to slander her closest ally, alienate her supporters abroad, and nihilistically destroy the pro-Israel movement in a fireball of incendiary rhetoric and baseless accusations. We need to work hard to bridge the gaps which have emerged between us, not flatten the complexities of the Middle East to a simplicity not befitting a three-year old.

Isi, act your age.

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