Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Suggestions for J Street

In honor of Yom Ha'Atzmaut, J Street held a happy hour event this evening. While I'm sure the event went very well, one very concerning development drew my attention. The announcement for this evening's event lists Bibitinis, Arab Peace Martinitiatives, and Settlement "Freezes" as drink specials. As in, those are actually listed on the actual flyer.

I must draw the line here. Even progressive pro-Israel organizations must acknowledge Israel's fundamental right to non-corny drink titles. Consider the following pragmatic alternatives to J Street's most unfortunate names (feel free to add on in the comments).


Settle-Mint Mojito
Mango-lan Heights Sour
1967 Lime shooter
Rumallah and Coke
Refu-gin and Tonic
East JerusaLemon Sour
WhisKiryat Arba Ginger
PBibiR (Only a hipster would order it though)

Of course, if you don't drink alcohol you could just have a Spright of return or a milk Sheikh Jarrah. J Street's oversight is nothing short of egregious, and I look forward to working in a productive and forward-looking manner with them on this most important initiative.

*And if you take this post seriously, I have some desert property in the Negev to sell you. Also, congratulations to the government and people of Israel on 62 years of existence. Mazal tov!

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