Thursday, September 30, 2010

Freeze Offer Update

David Makovsky at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy is claiming Obama has a new offer for Netanyahu which was expressed in a letter sent by the President of the United States to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

In exchange or a 2-month settlement freeze, Obama offered Netanyahu:
1) A guarantee the US wont ask for a longer settlement freeze extension.
2) Vetos at the UN
3) Weapons deliveries
4) Non-objection to leaving IDF forces in the Jordan Valley for a prolonged period.

Haaretz expects Netanyahu to reject the offer. Perhaps that's because UN vetos and weapons deliveries are two benefits the US will provide Israel regardless of their response to this issue. Also, the US would have a very hard time trying to "force" Israel to remove IDF troops from the Jordan Valley. And the far-right wing believes all these offers are things the US should be providing to Israel anyway, which means that it has little appeasement value for Netanyahu.

It's always possible there are other private incentives the US is offering Israel under the table. But on-face, this particular offer does not look particularly promising.

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