Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Israeli Election Coverage Roundup


In Message to Obama, Americans oust Democrats from the House of Representatives (Haaretz)

US Midterms: AIPAC Lauds re-election of pro-Israel Stalwarts (Haaretz)

Obama Will Have a Harder Time Brokering Mideast Peace Deal (Jerusalem Post)

Political Earthquake in US (Ynet News Opinion)


Midterm Elections in the US: The Republicans take the Majority in the House of Representatives (Haaretz)

"It's clear who won tonight: The American People" (Haaretz)

Midterm Elections in the US: The Republicans Have Already Removed Obama From the White House (Peter Baker, NYT, translated into Hebrew)

Democratic Leader in the Senate: This Isn't the End of the Fight (Maariv)

The Nation Says its Piece, Obama Simply Doesn't Listen (YNet News Opinion)

Analysis: The headlines and stories indicate a sense in the Israeli media that last night's election results were a swipe specifically at Obama (although Haaretz is carrying the Reuters story, not its own). The press sees the results as constraining Obama's ability to deal with Israel, and to broker a peace deal. The Hebrew articles reveal a somewhat anti-Obama sentiment from the more conservative outlets, and all the articles find the elections of great importance.

Assessment: Despite what headlines the press will run to get readership, the midterms are not likely to have a significant effect on Middle East Peace or the US Israel relationship. Support for Israel remains a bipartisan issue, and pressure for a settlement freeze and talks are initiatives from the executive, not legislative branch. If Obama is constrained by the next Congress, it will not be significantly more than he has been constrained by this one.

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