Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the DC Egypt Buzz

Blake Hounshell has an interesting post up today on the Passport blog of Foreign Policy. In it, he argues that the American foreign policy community should stop focusing on the US with regards to the ongoing violence in Egypt. The point is a good one. What is occurring in Egypt has nothing to do, directly, with the United States.

But the questions Hounshell lists at the end of his post are also very relevant questions for American policymakers to be asking and talking about. The protests may not be about the US, but they certainly impact the US. It's stuff we should be talking about.

There's little we can do in the short term to make the situation better, but there's a lot we could do to make it worse. Talking about the situation as it impacts the US is a necessary and useful step for policymakers to take because the of the importance of the very questions mentioned in Hounshell's post.

And he's also right that the best move at this point is to keep our mouths shut.

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