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Lebanon and Tunisia Analysis Roundup

Lebanon and Tunisia Analysis Roundup

Middle East Discussion Group (MEDG), Young Professionals in Foreign Policy


January 18, 2010

The YPFP Middle East Discussion Group focuses on political, security, sociological, and cultural trends in the contemporary Middle East and North Africa as well as the United States' relationship with and role in the region.

Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia

Western Analysis:

The Key Players in Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution (Christian Science Monitor)

Tunisia: No Domino Effect, but a Dilemma Over Arab Democracy (Time)

Anatomy of an Autocracy (Foreign Policy)

Tweeting Tyrants Out of Tunisia (Wired.com)

Middle East Bloggers Hail Change in Tunisia (BBC News)

Tunisia’s Lessons for Washington (Jerusalem Post)

After Tunisia, is Egypt Next? (The Atlantic)

After Tunisia, the Start of an Arab Awakening? (Global Post)

The First Twitter Revolution? (Foreign Policy)

Why Tunisia's Revolution is Islamist-Free (Foreign Policy)

Arab Leaders to Grapple With New Order Post-Tunisia (Reuters Africa)

U.S. Had Helo Deal with Ousted Tunisian Dictator (Wired.com)

A Twitter Snapshot of the Tunisian Revolution (Tech Crunch)

It’s Neither a Wikileaks-Revolutions Nor a Twitter-Revolution #sizibouzid (ReadWriteWeb, in French)

Pan-Arab Analysis:

Timeline: Tunisia's Civil Unrest (Al-Jazeera English)

US Ignored Tunisia Corruption (Al-Jazeera English)

Is Tunisia Following in Turkey’s Footsteps? (Asharq al-Awsat)

Tuniziation (Asharq al-Awsat)

Tunisia’s Tone of Defiance (Al-Jazeera English)

In Cairo, Cynicism Instead of Revolution (al-Ahram)

Tunisia: Was it a Revolution? (Asharq al-Awsat)

Why did the Government Fail to Win Over the Tunisians? (Asharq al-Awsat)

Tunisia: A Media Led Revolution? (Al-Jazeera English)

Tunisia and the Democratic Alternative (Dar al-Hayat)

Ben Ali's Confessions (Dar al-Hayat)


Mona Eltahawy Blog

A Tunisian Girl Blog

Ibn Kafka Blog


TunAnonymous News Network


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Special Tribunal On Lebanon Issues Indictment

Western Analysis:

Factbox: Lebanon Tribunal (Reuters)

Hariri Tribunal: UN Prosecutor Issues Sealed Indictment (BBC News)

Lebanese Government Collapse: A History of Missed Opportunities (The Guardian)

Amid Power Vacuum, Tensions Rising in Lebanon (Global Post)

Obama’s Misguided Lebanon Policy (Middle East Online)

Fears of Violence Rife Ahead of Hariri Assassination Indictments (France24)

The Other Shoe Drops in Lebanon (Foreign Policy)

No Victors in Lebanon (Foreign Policy)

Hezbollah's Nuclear Option (Foreign Policy)

Fear of War as Beirut Leaps into the Unknown (The Guardian)

What Next with no Government? (NOW Lebanon)

Pan-Arab Analysis:

Lebanon Cauldron Boils (ArabNews.com)

Who Caused the Initiative to Collapse? (Asharq al-Awsat)

U.S. France, Allies cannot allow Hizbollah to Deny Justice to the People of Lebanon (Ya Libnan)

Beirut Edging to Tribunal Showdown (Al-Jazeera English)

Analysts: Obama can do Little to Help Stability in Lebanon (Beirut Daily Star)


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