Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Next 72 Hours

Three major developments will occur in the next 72 hours with regards to the Middle East as a whole:

1) The US will complete its evacuation of citizens from Libya. This will allow the administration to take a much harder line against the violence in Libya because the threat to American citizens will be significantly lessened. Additionally, tomorrow is likely to see larger protests than today given that it is the Muslim sabbath, and the time taken to organize the protests.

2) Iraq may see major demonstrations. There has been activity in Iraq's north, its capital, and its south. Organizers have been planning a major demonstration for tomorrow, which may be significant compared to activity thus far.

3) Here in Washington, J Street will be opening its 2nd annual conference. You can find coverage and updates here, as I'll be blogging the conference highlights from here in Washington DC.

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