Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summary of Gaddafi Comments

About 20 minutes ago, Muammar Gaddafi called into a TV show and spoke on the air. He was decidedly calmer than in his last speech, but his comments were no less decipherable.

- Gaddafi blamed al-Qaeda and Bin Laden for leading the problem. He said "They are launching a campaign against your children, telling them not to listen to the parents." He added "All al-Qaeda wants is to kill your kids so they can have control. They should be happy now."
- Gaddafi compared himself to Queen Elizabeth, who does not have the power to issue laws. This, Gaddafi claims is just like his situation.
- Gaddafi noted, "I dont have the authority to impose or enforce or impose rules on the people. I have become more of a symbolic leader."
- He said that Popular Committees should look after imposing law and the rule of order.
- He offered "condolences to the 4 people killed in the security forces and their families. I wonder if Bin Laden will compensate them."

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