Monday, March 28, 2011

3rd Intifada Facebook Page Translated

The following is an Arabic-to-English translation of a Facebook page calling for a 3rd Palestinian intifada. The page has over 340,000 "likes" and has drawn considerable press attention. Facebook also has drawn attention from the ADL over the page, which it refuses to remove. Here is the full translation of the page:


The Third Palestinian Intifada
Palestine will be liberated
and we will liberate it.

Top (Yellow box):

Alert -
Countries neighboring Palestine will begin to march to Palestine on May 15, after the marches of neighboring states, soon after all Islamic countries will begin to march. Our time is close. Palestine will be liberated and we will liberate it. Our goal now is to reach millions of subscribers to this page before May. Arise, please publish the page in every place. Onward, Palestine.

Copy our link and put it in your profile, and publish it in every picture and video and pages and everywhere.

Black boxes: we are limited in our rights...forgive us, and we forgive your sons for that...We are longing and will engage in perseverance, resistance, and struggle for we have done and will continue to do forever.
We adore you, oh motherland.

After the Tunisian intifada, the Egyptian intifada, and the Libyan intifada
The time has come for the Palestinian intifada

Below the black boxes:

The first Palestinian intifada was in the year 1987
The second Palestinian intifada was in the year 2000
And the third Palestinian intifada:


Black box with fists on either side:
This page was created on 3/6/11
And Allah willing we will reach 1 million followers this week
The time has come for the liberation of Palestine

Anyone who has a profile on Facebook, we request that you publish this page
Palestine will be free and we will free it
Forward, Palestine

Red oval:

If Facebook blocks this page, all Muslims will boycott Facebook forever!


  1. Do you think this is actually going to happen?

  2. I will march with you if it is a peacefull march. I am against violance

  3. If it happens, we all need o be ready for our Lord who will come back