Sunday, May 22, 2011

Livni: Obama's Comments Are Longstanding US Policy

The following is Israeli Leader of the Opposition Tzipi Livni's response to President Obama's speech this morning (translated from Hebrew):

The Things Obama Recounted in his Speech Represent Longstanding American Policy

The principle of Israeli security and the need for two states for two peoples, one of which is the State of Israel - The embodiment and the national home of the Jewish people - is the first and foremost Israeli interest. Therefore, it is that end to which we must drive in our dealings with the United States. When Israel undertakes actions which are first and foremost in her interest, she can enlist the US government as a whole.

It is important to understand that the whole world is watching the relationship between Israel and the United States; in particular, those who still do not accept our existence here. And part of the deterrence capacity of the State of Israel is their understanding that we work together. Therefore, there is huge importance in the message coming out of Washington these days, not only for Israel internally, not only for the US internally, but also for the region as a whole.

The things Obama recounted represent longstanding American policy. Therefore, we should seek to enlist the United States with an understanding which speaks of our shared interests. This is very important to the State of Israel. Also for her security, her deterrence capability, and so that we can once and for all promote the peace process and prevent one-sided actions at the UN.

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