Monday, May 23, 2011

Netanyahu Speech Live-Blog

I will be live-tweeting this portion of the evening at!/TheCamelsNose

10:56: End of event.

10:51: Netanyahu: "Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 lines."

10:47: Protester from the press section escorted out after shouting "defense of the Nakba is indefensible."

10:44: Netanyahu thanks Boehner for invitation to Congress. Previews his speech.

10:40: 3rd male protester being led by the press table.

10:39: Netanyahu thanks Obama and Congress for funding for assistance and for the Iron Dome missile system.

10:35: A female protester is escorted out of the hall.

10:35: Netanyahu references "United City of Jerusalem." Huge applause.

10:32 Netanyahu referencing Jefferson and Lincoln.

10:31: Netanyahu: Israel is America's indispensable ally.

10:25: Netanyahu coming to the podium at AIPAC

10:23: Victor: Negotiations should be the result of direct talks.

10:23: Victor: "One of our most treasured shared values is the value of peace."

10:21: Victor: In the midst of mideast instability, America has one dependable ally...the Jewish State of Israel.

10:20: AIPAC Chairman of the Board David Victor recognizes Sara Netanyahu.

10:19: AIPAC is setting up for the Prime Minister's speech. This will be a critical and historic speech in US-Israel relations.

10:16: Boehner concludes his remarks to AIPAC. PM Netanyahu is next. Here we go.

10:15: Boehner: I was honored to invite Netanyahu to come speak.

10:13: Boehner: Where I come from, you're judged by the company that you keep.

10:12: Boehner: Iraq is on track to becoming a vital ally in the region.

10:11: Boehner speaking about Iraq.

10:06: Boehner: Ambassador Oren called Israel the ultimate ally. And I couldn't agree more.

10:05: "In Yiddish, Boehner means bones."

10:02: John Boehner is being introduced.

9:59: Reid concludes his remarks. House Majority Leader John Boehner is next.

9:56: Reid: "None of us wants to go to war with Iran...but we will not wait forever, and we will not take any option off the table."

9:51: Reid: "The threat from Iran...cannot be understated or underrated. It is a common threat for both Israel and America."

9:50: Reid: "I'll say this as clearly as I can...the US will not give money to terrorists."

9:48: Reid: We must never forget these are the terrorist who've kept Shalit in captivity for 5 years.

9:48: Reid: Palestinians cannot bring to the table a terrorist organization which refuses Israel's right to exist.

9:45: Reid: No preconditions about borders - this gets a huge reaction from the crowd.

9:44: Reid: In Congresses next budget, I believe in giving Israel it's full budget for security assistance.

9:43: Reid: "If you believe in democracy, believe in Israel."

9:37: Reid is comparing the killing of Osama Bin Laden to the Entebbe raid.

9:32: Reid is now speaking at the podium.

9:30: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is being introduced.

9:29: Teleprompters are being set up for the big speakers of the night. Harry Reid, John Boehner, and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

9:28: The two soldiers remarks conclude and are greeted with a standing ovation again.

9:25: "To stand on a hilltop with my wounded Israeli brothers and see where they were wounded...that had an impact."

9:15: Former Army Sgt. Major Brian Neuman and IDF Corporal Shahaf Seigel met with massive applause. These were the soldiers profiled in the video.

9:14: Now a video about the US and Israeli militaries is playing. An officer who served in Fallujah and an officer who served in Gaza are giving parallel narratives.

9:11: Jeff Kuhnreich, former Commander of the Navy, is speaking.

9:10: Roll call is complete.

9:07: The ambassadors from China, Japan, and Jordan are here.

9:03: International guests being announced.

9:01: Candidates for the Senate and House are now being announced.

9:00: Livni gets a cheer as she's announced.

8:59: Newt Gingrich is at AIPAC 2011

8:52: I seriously need a copy of this music for when I wake up in the morning.

8:48: Kohr honors Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The audience gives a standing ovation.

8:43: 2/3rds of the Senate is here this evening.

8:42: Brief moment of silence for fallen soldiers.

8:41: #Kohr recognizing US armed forces.

8:40: 350 members of Congress are in the audience this evening.

8:36: Solow: We require vigorous political involvement across the board...But...we cannot allow Israel to become a wedge issue.

8:35: Solow: we have a "commitment to political bipartisanship."

8:34: Solow: All of our organizations believe in a secure Israel which is the historic homeland of the Jewish people.

8:31: Alan Solow, chairman of the Conference of Presidents comes to the stage.

8:25: BREAKING: Rev. Oscar Kind III has the best bowtie ever.

8:22: Invocation by Rabbi David-Seth Kishner and Rev. Oscar King III

8:16: National anthems. The press stand as well.

8:15: The banquet is being held in two separate halls. AIPAC claims 10,000 are in one, 1500 in the other.

8:06: The event is beginning now.

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