Monday, May 30, 2011

Translation: Palestinian June 7 Protest Announcement

Stories are beginning to break of an upcoming set of demonstrations, including in the Palestinian Territories, commemorating the anniversary of the Six Day War in 1967, in which Israel took over the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and Sinai Peninsula. The Twitter hashtag for the protest #Naksa, is Arabic for "setback" and refers to the displacement of Palestinians during the war. The hashtag is being used sparsely at the moment, and mostly by non-Palestinians. In the lead up to the UN bid for Palestinian statehood this September, these demonstrations are likely to reoccur as Palestinian organizers try to build legitimacy for their cause - and delegitimize Israel's hold on the West Bank by provoking it to overreact during the protests.

The following is the English translation of the Arabic-language Facebook page announcing these protests:

On 7/6/1967, on the third day of Israeli aggression with armored personnel carriers, and Israeli tanks to occupying the Old City of Jerusalem, [Israel] began entrance by military means into the Lion Gate, and launched its missiles towards the minaret of the Lion's Gate, one of the gates of Jerusalem, and in a moment of loss of the nation and the national consciousness which led to the emergence of the criminal "Mordechai Gur" who beamed as he declared, on radio, the fallllllllll [sic] of Jerusalem as "fully in our hands," Har HaBayit Bayadeinu [Hebrew for: "The Temple Mount is in our hands."]

March of Millions
The Intifada will continue until the return of our free land.

We announce in full force and in the loudest voice that on the next Seventh
of June/Hizeeran, the anniversary of the Zionist attack
on Jerusalem, the "Blossom of Cities," is
A day of allegiance to Jerusalem
Around the world.
And as we commemorate the Nakba and are able to survey this
period, we commemorate the memory of the "Setback" [reference to 1967] and make it a setback against the Occupying Entity.
We affirm that we will announce the proposed plan of action and operations throughout the coming days through the different pages of our continuing intifada..And Israel to its demise..
And we will pray together in the way of Allah the mosque in Jerusalem

Palestine will be liberated...and we will liberate it
From the river to the sea...and the sea to the river
And its churches.

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