Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Really Matters in Israel

The commentary on the latest Obama-Netanyahu spat, both professional and amateur, has been typical, expected, and depressing. As the Israeli saying goes, "there's nothing new under the sun." Partisan hacks will be partisan hacks. It's hard not to jump in, especially given that Twitter's 140 character limit is so snark-friendly.

But today's spat ultimately is unimportant. It's unimportant to Israeli children in Sderot, or Ashkelon, who live under the constant threat of rocket attacks. It's unimportant for Palestinian kids who are constantly in danger of becoming a statistic in an Israeli airstrike. The human emergency of the Middle East conflict has again been forgotten in a sea of half-truths, close-mindedness, and downright indifference to reality.

As the Obama-Bibi spat inevitably continues over the next week and a half, I challenge the readers of this blog to keep in mind that this conflict is real, that it impacts real people, and that it costs real lives. At the end of the day, sound-byte diplomacy cannot replace the need for human dignity which this spat denies to those who most deserve it.

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