Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Three Reactions From The Israeli Left

The following posters are a sample of reactions on Facebook to the Kadima agreement with Likud.  They indicate strong opposition to the deal.  Such sentiments are likely to favor more left-wing parties in the next round of elections in Israel.

3 March:
"I will not enter Bibi's government.  Not today.  Not tomorrow. 
 It's a bad government."
8 May
Minister Without Portfolio
in Bibi's government.

Shaul Mofaz.  The story of his leadership. 
[in reference to the capsized ship]

Here there was intended to be a funny picture
That offers an opinion on the situation
With the use of a humorous comparison
to memes and cultural pop figures,
But in the end it was decided to convey
the message in a more direct way:

Shaul Mofaz is a Zero.

BB Chairs

An unprecedented offer to members of the Kadima Party

Comfortable orthopedic chair made of elephant skin
Especially appropriate for those without a spine.
Moves forward [ in Hebrew, Kadima], backward, right and left.
Available in a variety of different colors.

Price: Principles.  Term of completion: 15 months.

*Same model that was sold to members of the Atzmaut party in 2011.

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