Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bibi Bomb Memes Translated From Hebrew

The following memes appear on the Facebook group "Statusim Metsitsim/Status Hunter."  They illustrate the diversity of Israeli public opinion, and the ever-persistent Israeli sense of humor.

All translations by The Camel's Nose Blog.

Lacking Answers
1.4 million shekels from our pension funds. 

Around here, there's no longer chips, and it's all just air.  

Listen Sara [PM Netanyahu's wife], you have to fill it up to here with water.

This is our enemy.

70% tax, 90%...And the Israeli suckers won't "explode" me
[One interpretation: they won't vote me out of office] 

Ahhh, so this is how it has to be [made].  Hold on, hold on, don't move. 

Sudoku (Difficult).

Sh*t, this is a red marker.  Now I'll have to deal with Maccabi. 

[Menu for the popular Israeli chain "Aroma."]

Everyone repeat after me: [Sign] It's not "al-Quds" it's Yerushalayim!!

Sara-leh, I want this in our living room.


How To Turn Into An Internet Meme:
1. Draw a funny picture
2. Present it at the U.N.


Wile E. Coyote: That's my idea.

Up to here, they've had it with me.
[Sign: Citizens of Israel.]

Components of an Explosion

Radical left - 1%
Israeli left - 12%
Disloyal/Untrustworthy Arabs - 87%

[Intended to represent a right-wing perspective]

Sukkah model.

90% - [Believe] that he's an aardvark
70% - [Believe] that he's a cat

My drawing is prettier than Ahmedinejad's!!!

And that's how I killed the road-runner.

And from the Facebook page "Dosim Metsitsim,"

Flight from the [governing] coalition: Amputation warning.

So as you can see, a pomegranate that you buy from the Machane Yehuda shuk [in Jerusalem] is 70% artificial, and thus I call on everyone to shop at Mashbir [Israeli chain store]! 

Up to here, friends, you need [the wine] for the last blessing.


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