Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vote Tally: Likud Routs Zionist Camp In Elections

With 91% of the ballots counted in Israel's election, Likud appears to be pulling far ahead of the Zionist Camp, which itself is doing only slightly better than the Joint Arab List. The exact number of seats will change as the remaining 20% of votes are counted, but the outcome appears to be a significant win for Prime Minister Netanyahu. While a meaningful opposition coalesced, it appears that it was not substantial enough to challenge the Likud party in coalition formation. President Rivlin's choice of a party to form the next government is very clear at the moment, and Netanyahu has the political allies to form a number of different coalitions.

The final tally will provide important nuances about which coalition the Prime Minister will choose, but there can be little doubt that Binyamin Netanyahu will be the one choosing it.

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